One key activity of the POSEIDO is the organization and publication of research programs, debates and consensus conferences, in basic and in clinical sciences. For this reason, the editorial activity is a major element of the development of the POSEIDO platform.

Since 2006, many scientific works were supported by the POSEIDO, and several classification and consensus works have been organized and published by members of the first POSEIDO study groups in high-impact scientific journals, particularly in the field of regenerative medicine strategies and implantable biomaterials.

In July 2012, the Board of Directors has decided to launch a large-scale publication strategy to support the growth of the POSEIDO community and particularly the projects managed by the POSEIDO Scientific International Research and Education Network (SIREN).

This new policy started with the launch in 2013 of the POSEIDO: Periodontology, Oral Surgery, Esthetic & Implant Dentistry Open journal, an open-access electronic peer-reviewed international scientific journal, developed as an international forum for the promotion of education and research in the POSEID disciplines.

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Supported by the active work of the POSEIDO SIREN, the POSEIDO journal is organizing thematic issues, with the objective to develop each year some international debates and consensus conferences. For example, POSEIDO 2014 was mostly dedicated to dental implant surfaces and treatment strategies of the severely resorbed posterior mandible, and POSEIDO 2015 will emphasize new regenerative medicine strategies.

Two consensus conferences and suggested guidelines of the POSEIDO were published in 2013 concerning the characterization of dental implant surfaces, and the definition of families of platelet concentrates for surgical use (Platelet-Rich Plasma - PRP - and Platelet-Rich Fibrin - PRF).

Members of the Organization can suggest new topics for the preparation of these consensus conferences, by contacting the POSEIDO Editorial Office at

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