New members

The POSEIDO is a neutral international organization providing a platform for research, education, debates and publications. The Foundation is strictly non commercial.

The POSEIDO is a supra structural organization, i.e. an organization of organizations. The POSEIDO network functions like a Consortium of entities. The publication platforms or research network promoted by POSEIDO are open to everyone, but the formal membership is only for entities or groups. Academic departments, scientific societies, foundations and institutes are all invited to apply for membership.

The membership is free. The members are invited to participate to the debates, consensus conferences and publications organized by the POSEIDO. They are informed of the many opportunities of international collaboration and publication that the POSEIDO is developing for its active members.

The guidelines for application (including a description of the POSEIDO functioning and the POSEIDO Charter with the 3 basic rules of Ethical conduct) and a standard form of application/registration to the POSEIDO Consortium/Foundation are available below for interested new applicants. Please contact the POSEIDO headquarters for joining the network or for more information, at

Guidelines for application v2.2 (.pdf)

Form of registration v2.2 (.docx)

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