The POSEIDO is supporting an independent Scientific International Research & Education Network (SIREN) of basic researchers and clinicians, in order to develop new research programs, to promote education projects and to prepare consensus conferences. All these partners are organized in independent study groups for the development of specific projects. The POSEIDO SIREN serves as a platform of collaboration for this galaxy of study groups.

Some Academic entities within the POSEIDO network are serving as POSEIDO SIREC (Scientific International Research & Education Centers), to develop specific research and education projects supported by the POSEIDO Consortium, particularly multicentric clinical studies and inter-laboratory testing. The SIRECs serve as reference entities in each geographical area, to support and supervise the activities of the POSEIDO SIREN and the development of the POSEIDO international activities in general.

The POSEIDO Academy (Periodontology, Oral Surgery, Esthetic & Implant Dentistry Open Academy) is an international on-line learning platform dedicated to the diffusion of clinical teaching, user-friendly scientific knowledge and global community information. This education platform is managed directly by the SIREN Professors, an international network of renowned clinicians and researchers members of the POSEIDO SIREN.

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