Forum Civitatis

The Forum Civitatis - or Forum of the City, our Community of Colleagues - is regrouping several platforms of exchange and debates, under the form of wide communities or smaller working groups for Experts, with the idea to develop new ideas and concepts in various aspects of the POSEID disciplines and to promote it through education and research.

Five Forum entities are currently active:

- the OASIS Forum (Open-Access Standards for Implantable Systems) is an international informal working group gathering ISO Experts of the ISO/TC106/Dentistry commissions, in order to develop new international standards for implantable systems and to promote their use in our professional community.

- the PACT Forum (Platelet & Advanced Cell Therapies) is an international research and education scientific community in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, interested in various forms of cell therapies, particularly stem cell research and platelet concentrates for surgical or infiltrative use (Leukocyte- and Platelet-Rich Fibrin L-PRP and Leukocyte- and Platelet-Rich Fibrin L-PRF).

- the ISAIAS Forum (Intercultural Sensitivity Academic Index & Advanced Standards) is an international informal working group about the internationalization of higher education and research in general, and its impact in dentistry in particular.

- the APOLLO Forum (Advanced Plastic & Orthopedic Literature & Logic Open Forum) is an international research and education scientific community in the field of plastic and orthopedic surgery and related research, designed to promote a transdisciplinary approach, debate and literature between medical fields and the POSEID sciences.

- the CRONOS Forum (Cancer Research, Oncology & Novel Oncological Systems) is an international informal working group in the field of cancer research and oncology, with a particular interest in a transdisciplinary approach of cancer understanding and treatment, and in a more holistic conception of the oncological paradigms.

More Forum entities will be developed in the Future, to fulfil the interests of the POSEIDO community.

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