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The CRONOS Forum (Cancer Research, Oncology & Novel Oncological Systems) is an international informal working group in the field of cancer research and oncology, with a particular interest in a transdisciplinary approach of cancer understanding and treatment, and in a more holistic conception of the oncological paradigms.

Cancer research is an important field in the oral and maxillofacial area: cancers located in this area are among the most difficult to treat and their diagnosis is often connected to the observations of the oral specialists. Moreover, oral pathologies can influence negatively the outcomes of cancer treatments. Finally, the cancers and their treatments have always a significant impact on the oral health, both in terms of quality of life (discomfort, difficulties of swallowing and eating) and general health (e.g. development of mycosis or oral infections impacting the general health). Oral health is an important parameter and marker in oncology.

The CRONOS Forum does not focus strictly on oral cancers and oral aspects of cancer treatments. However, the objective of this group is not to publish extensively on cancer (what would be outside of the theme of the POSEIDO Journal). CRONOS is first designed to promote a transdisciplinary cooperation on this topic and a more holistic approach of oncological research. Through this obvious need of transdisciplinarity, CRONOS is opened to discuss new paradigms in oncology and to offer original perspectives in the field.

The CRONOS Forum has been designed and funded by the POSEIDO Foundation in order to remain completely independent from the commercial pressures and lobbying.

Project Manager: Prof. David M. Dohan Ehrenfest.

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